Be Ready for the Biggest Dance of Your Life!

Your first dance is one of your first public moments together as husband and wife, and, just like you, we want it to be beautiful!

A beautiful dance doesn’t mean it needs to look like “Dancing With The Stars”. It just means you want to know enough to be comfortable. You want to have a plan so you can work together and enjoy the moment.

We can help by working with you, your chosen song, and your timeline to create your first dance.


While it’s easiest to choreograph to a traditional “standard,” bring on whatever it is that is meaningful to the two of you, ad we’ll make it happen.

Wedding dances are taught in private lessons, so just give Louise a call to set up a time We suggest starting at least 3 months in advance. Why? Well, as you get close to the wedding it has been our experience that you will become very busy. Unexpected parties, fittings, and other unfinished details. So get started early so you know you will have time.

Still have questions?
Here are answers to the most common ones.

Q:  Can you work with the specific song we chose?
A:  Yes, I do this all the time!

Q: How many lessons should we take?
A: I’ve worked with couples from one lesson to many. It can depend on your budget and how much time you have.  I recommend however, about 5 lessons to give a polished performance with a nice ending and several dance moves sprinkled throughout.

Q: When are the lessons?
A:  I teach Sunday afternoons and limited weekdays during the day. Plan on a Sunday.

Q: What should I wear to the lessons?
A: Comfortable clothes, and shoes similar to those you’ll be dancing in on “the big day”.

That’s it. Nice and easy.
Now get started…give us a call today at 805-223-0635.


Private lesson fees:
One session: $79
Package of 5 lessons: $355

Each lessons is 55 minutes long.


Rachel O.
0d ago

Louise is an amazing dance instructor! My husband and I went to Louise for private lessons before our wedding. She taught us how to do the fox trot for the Frank Sinatra song we chose, and our guests were so impressed! We had no previous experience in dance, and Louise was able to teach us the basic steps of the fox trot, and even added other moves including “twinkle toes”, “serpentine”, and some spins. Our favorite part was the end, where we did a spin and a dip. We couldn’t have pulled this off without the Louise’s expertise and experience. She was patient and encouraging, and paid close attention to detail. She even video taped us practicing using our phone, which was a great teaching tool. We are so grateful for having Louise as our dance teacher, and will cherish the memories we made for years to come. It was one of our favorite parts of our wedding!

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