Are Private Dance Lessons For You?


What is a private dance lesson?

In a private lesson, it is just you (or you and your dance partner) and the teacher, working together to improve your dancing. It doesn’t matter what level of dancer you are – a first time beginner or a competitive dancer – direct one-on-one input from a professional instructor can’t be beat.

If you talk to accomplished dancers, you’ll learn that they have all taken private lessons along the way. Most dancers who delayed taking privates wished they had done it sooner to accelerate their learning process.

Although Woody and I pride ourselves on high quality group dance classes which incorporate plenty of correct dance technique, still, we recommend that you take private AND group classes, since each has its own advantages.


To schedule your private lesson, call Louise now at 805 223-0635

Advantages of private dance lessons

  • You have the undivided attention of the instructor
  • You can learn things right the first time
  • You can nip bad dance habits in the bud
  • You can “feel” what it should be like when you dance with your teacher
  • You can learn a dance that may not be currently offered in group classes
  • You can use the lessons to get ready for a special event, such as a cruise, wedding or theme party.
  • You can work at your own pace, instead of the pace of a group class
  • You can work on the dances or techniques YOU want and need, not strictly to the group class syllabus
  • Your learning curve is accelerated.

You may want private dance lessons if…

  • You want a head start to feel comfortable before you go to group class
  • You want to learn a dance that is not currently being offered in group classes
  • You only want to learn with your regular dance partner, and don’t want to switch partners like we do in group classes
  • You want to get past that awkward beginner stage more quickly
  • You like to get things right the first time
  • You’re getting ready for a wedding or other special event
  • You have a strong desire to be a really good dancer
  • You want to compete or perform
  • You appreciate one-on-one critique

How long is a private lesson?

Private lessons last 55 minutes – just under an hour to help us stay on schedule.

Sounds pricey, what does it cost?

One private lesson (includes you and your dance partner): $79
Getting ready for a wedding? Visit our Wedding Dance page.

How to schedule a private dance class

Call us at 805 223-0635 or email us, and we’ll work with you to schedule your first lesson.

Louise teaches private lessons on Sunday afternoons.