Class Schedule

Group Dance Class Schedule and Fees


West Coast Swing Group Classes meet weekly on Thursdays
Start Date:  Every 6 weeks (see full list below)
Duration:     6 weeks

 Location:    House of Dance, Ventura   (Click here for address and directions.)

Class start dates:
January 11, 2018
February 22, 2018
April 5, 2018
May 17, 2018
June 28, 2018
August 9, 2018
September 20, 2018
November 1, 2018  (no class on Thanksgiving)

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We teach three levels each Thursday to a fun mixture of couples and singles.

It’s a very social atmosphere, and all dancers rotate partners, so you’ll meet and dance with everyone.
We want you to learn your best, so when you begin, you’ll start with a month at the beginner’s level, building your foundation, and work your way up, improving your skills month by month.
After about 4 months, you’ll be ready for our advanced class and then, the sky’s the limit.

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6:30pm Beginning–this is where you start
7:30pm Intermediate— Take this class 3 times (each time is different)
8:30pm Intermediate/Advanced–anything goes!
       For complete class descriptions, read below

Dance class fees:

6-weeks:                   $75 per person regular, $67 early bird (one week in advance)
Drop-in:                      $15 per person (drop-ins are not recommended in beginning class after week 2 unless you have prior experience and are brushing up)
Repeating beginning class: $30

 How to Register

1. Click here to sign up now for the next session , OR
2. Register and pay on the first night of class (please arrive a few minutes early), OR
3. Give us a call at 805-223-0635.


 Detailed Class Descriptions

 6:30pm Beginning

This class starts at square one for new beginners, and adds something new each week.  You will learn the basic 6 count patterns of West Coast Swing, as well as a couple of 8-count whip patterns.  A strong foundation. Drop-ins are NOT recommended in beginning class after week 2. Please wait until the next session.

7:30pm  Intermediate
You will learn a variety of whips, turns and tuck patterns. This class continues to lay the foundation of great West Coast Swing basics at the next level, to get you ready for “drop-in” style night-club classes and more advanced study. Expect to take this level two or three times before moving to Level 3.

8:30pm  Intermediate/Advanced
Our most popular class!
This class is aimed at ensuring your success on the social dance floor through learning leadable patterns, syncopation and styling, all couched in solid individual and partnering technique.

Advanced concepts of connection, centering, leading and following techniques, and timing are addressed in the context of material that you can use on the dance floor for good fun! Individual sessions may have themes such as spin technique, footwork, or musicality.